Tiverton, Ontario
Shift Supervisor In Training, Bruce Power

“Working in the nuclear industry you are part of a team delivering clean, reliable, low-cost electricity to families and businesses across Ontario. The province is counting on us and I’m proud to contribute to this essential service,” said Farshad, who is training to be a Shift Supervisor at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station.

“Every day I have an opportunity to learn about the in-depth operation of the plants and to work alongside experienced staff and gain knowledge that will help me grow in my career and take on new roles in the future.”
Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program is important for the site and surrounding community because it means the renewal of some of the most critical assets in Ontario’s electricity system and then continued safe operations through to 2064.

“By securing our future we are providing the next generation with an opportunity to work in the nuclear industry with access to long-term, well-paying jobs, while also contributing to the advancement of science and technology, and providing a stable supply of power to the Ontario grid,” says Farshad.

“It also means that I can raise my family in a great community that I am proud to call home.”

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